Chair and stairs

Back to the botanical garden (see post from two days ago). Chairs like this one are randomly scattered around the grassy parts of the garden.



Leif Hagen said...

Ein schoenen Tag im Garten! Darf man sitzen und geniessen? GruBe von EAGAN daily photo von Minnesota, USA

AB said...

A nice simple composition.

Did anyone actually sit on the chairs?

Baron's Life said...

Excellent picture once again...very serene and calm place.
here's my first attempt, if you want to look at it. Thanks

Z said...

Hello Leif and AB: Yes, these chairs are fully functional and I saw a few people sitting on them.

Baron: I'll be by to visit soon.

♥ Manav Ghuman ♥ said...

The picture itself tells how peaceful the place will be. If got chance i wd love to visit this place. ur every picture tells a different story