View across the Hallwilersee

I took this photo from Birrwil (about 31 km —20 miles— from Villigen) looking out across Lake Hallwil. That's possibly the town of Meisterschwanden.



Abe Lincoln said...

This is picture postcard perfect.

Jacob said...

Another beautiful shot. You must have been at quite a distance when you took this, because even blown up that boat is a speck in the water!

A Lady's Life said...

The picture is very nice but to pronouce the names is very difficlt. lol

wellingtonia said...

Hi Z

On every sunny day we are at the lake of Sempach.
On it's beginning, beside the town of Sempach in the lovely lido.


Kris said...

And what a good-looking town it is!

Shaun said...

Very "moody" picture. I like it alot.

Z said...

Abe: Thank you!

Jacob: You're right. I was probably around 80% of the zoom of the 12x zoom camera I'm using.

Lady: Sometimes it's easier if you deconstruct the word: Hallwil-er-see. Then how about Vierwaldstättersee??

Wellingtonia: We've visited Sempach once. Looked like a beautiful place!

Kris: When the sun shines, and the plants are all green, I find much beauty everywhere.

Shaun: Glad to hear it. Speaking of moody, did you see my Pilatus photo from 2007? Click here.

Shaun said...

Z, I went and looked at it, posted a comment. Very nice.