Hello blue sky

(It is not my forte to use a lot of words. Suffice to say I'm thankful that the sound of an aeroplane up in the sky has no particular connotations for me. Were it so for everyone.)



Halcyon said...

I like the red and blue together!

Joan Elizabeth said...

What a delighful shot, you have even captured the spin of the propeller.

Likewise we don't hear many aircraft in our skies, occasionaly helicopters which are rescuing people who've fallen down cliffs or putting out bush fires so welcome for an unwelcome reason.

Tash said...

Hmmm, your photo is fantastic! You've got the twirl of the prop.
Your captions made me think - a lot. Well done.

claude said...

Great shot, Z ! I did not try to shot a plane in the sky yet.
I will be able to shot something outside from a plane very soon.

Z said...

Hi Halcyon, Joan, Tash and Claude!

This photo is one of those that you don't know will turn out in focus, or if the (moving) subject will even appear within the frame but you take the photo anyway, on the off-chance that it will work. The propeller effect was an additional bonus!

Shaun said...

For most people the sound of a propellor has become like the sound of the birds, since there are so many of them around they are barely noticeable. Nice pic.