Hauling away the grass

Not just grass, more like a mix with wildflowers. This is the first 'harvest' of the year.

Notice the kids in the back of the tractor?



Julie said...

Not sure I like the kids on the back of the tractor. What if they should slip?

Z said...

Julie: Typical Anglo-Saxon response! *Grin*

No seriously, two things here. I don't know if I can explain it properly so I'll just mention them.

One is that children here are taught to be more independent earlier on while parents and other grown ups also pay more attention to them. (I know that sounds somewhat contradictory). Many expats from the US and UK (Australia too, I suppose) are astounded that 5 year olds here are taught how to cross streets and walk to school on their own. I, myself, am still startled to see the groups of wee kiddies on the bus, getting on and stepping off on their own (I think the bus drivers probably know them, to some extent).

The second thing is that life on farms is more, pragmatic, shall we say. No matter where in the world. Don't you agree? What about on farms in Oz? Don't children start pitching in fairly young?

Baron's Life said...

Nice shot.
I totally agree with your opinion Z. Children in rural areas learns to be independent a lot sooner than in urban areas. And it's a good thing too