Toblerone lines near Rein

Grave reminders from the past, incorporated into the landscape. Perhaps more commonly known as dragon's teeth, this type of anti-tank construction was used in many parts of Europe (visit the Wiki entry at the link below to read more). I'm not sure when in Switzerland they were first referred to as the Toblerone lines.

Article on swissinfo.ch, though not about the line in our region of Switzerland: Toblerones.
Wikipedia article on this manner of fortifications: Dragon's teeth.



A Lady's Life said...

So very interesting. I have never seen this before. Did they actually stop tanks these blocks?
I thought tanks could go over anything?
They look so beatiful covered in moss. What a pretty place. :)

claude said...

After the frist world war we built beteween our country and Germany the Maginot line. A fortified line with a lot of gun turrets.
In 1939 The germman army unvaded our country in crossing by Belgium.

claude said...

Sorry : invaded

Dina said...

Ah yes . . . the old days.
But they are really called Toblerone lines?? Sweet!

Z said...

Lady: My information comes from the links I put up, so I don't know any more that you do. :-)