Tools of the trade II

I was cleaning out some old photo folders and I found a few images from an exhibit about milk and milk production at a fair I went to a couple of years ago. On display was a selection of tools used in the dairy process, all the way from the milking stage to cheese and butter production. I don't know what the brush-like object was used for (Reisriebel/Brosse en riz), do you?



A Lady's Life said...

well churning milk from a cow separates the fat from the milk. The fat clumps together to form butter.
I guess the brush is to clean up after lol
Interesting. lol

Wulf said...

I seem to remember that bunches of twigs of a particular fruit tree (fig? pear?) were used to stir the milk to encourage it to curdle.

Z said...

Lady: Interesting observation. :-)

Wulf: You could be right ... I'll have to do a little digging around. I wonder about the name. Why Reis, and what is a Riebel? I didn't find Riebel in the dictionaries I use.