Portrait of a llama

Nico, I believe. (Local insider: am I right?!?)



Local Insider said...

Close, Z, quite close (you prove real in-zzz-ider knowledge here):

It's "Zorro", our best breeding male.

By the way, it's funny to watch them undo the ropes tied to the pole, they really seem to take an immense please in doing so ;-)

JM said...

Very cool! Nice composition!

Baron's Life said...

Very Unique. Thanks for sharing such great pictures. I will be posting some pictures on my blog this weekend on the snow storm we had here in BC during the Christmas/New Year Holidays.
Would appreciate it if you can have a look at them and advise if I could have done something different on the photography. Thanks in advance

Moi said...

awww!!!! he looks like an eager to please muse....:)

Susanne49 said...

Nice portrait, I like this guy! :)

Sue's Daily Photography

Z said...

Insider: Are the ropes there for that purpose, as playthings? To stave off boredom?

JM: Glad you like it!

Baron's: Gah, you want me to give you advice?! I can try -- though if you have the time and you haven't yet done so, you might try a group such as Digital Photography School. They have tips and tutorials and I think there's also a forum where one can submit photos to be critiqued. I haven't participated in that because of time constraints but it seems like a great idea!

Moi: He does seem a laid-back chap.

Susanne: Come by here the next time you visit CH, and see him for yourself. :-) Best wishes for your cross-country trip! Sounds great!

White Oleander said...

A llama once almost ate my finger at a zoo.

Snapper said...

Beautiful portrait!