Grüezi on the cask

Communities in Switzerland are organized into Gemeindes and there's a Gemeindehaus - town hall - associated with each. The Villigen Gemeinde also includes the residents of the neighboring areas of Stilli and Joseboden.

Grüezi (for some of my new readers who might not know) is the greeting commonly used in Swiss-German. There are variations on this, depending on the individual dialects of different regions. And German-speaking people from Valais/Wallis typically use Salü (from the French Salut) instead. The phrase Grüezi mitenand is used to greet a group of people.

The sign on the barrel is the Signet for the Villigen Gemeinde. It depicts three 5-pointed stars, three hills and a bear's foot. I couldn't tell you why.

As I was writing this post, I realized that I wrote an almost identical one in 2007:
20070406 Grüezi!



Baron's Life said...

Very educational.

Conchscooter said...

I was omce greeted in Austria, descending from my motorcycle after a grueling ride with the words "Gruss Gott!" which my father found very amusing as he mistakenly thought the innkeeper was groaning "good god!" at my disheveled state. All of which is to say it sounds a bit like gruezi (lacking umlauts and such on an American keyboard). I thinking I'm rambling so I'll go quietly now.

Buck said...

Very interesting post! I love learning about other locales.

mkhansen said...

I like the way you composed this, Z. Very different from the earlier photo. The arc of the cask cuts through just right.