Under the eaves II

Following from yesterday, how about a little series of photos of the details under the eaves? This is on a house named zum weissen Wind (to the white wind), dated 1483. What remains of the original building other than the ground it stands on, is difficult to say.



Julie said...

Fascinating what different people do to their abodes! This is such a modern-looking image. Surely is does not date from the 15th century.

Remember, your series on waste disposal. I had that replay in my head during my stay in the Langedoc.

Z said...

Waste disposal series: replayed in a nice, fond way, I trust?

Sherry said...

Interesting. A larger cloud blowing the smaller clouds? I also wonder if it actually dates back to the 1400's or if this is a more recent rendition.

Moi said...

that looks like an "angry" wind!!!!