The signs of the zodiac

Back to Baden to peek under the roof overhangs again. Other related posts (recent) here:
Eaves series

20081107 Nikon Coolpix 950


claude said...

I was born on january 20th. So I am half Aquarius and half Capricorn. I never read my horoscope.

Rambling Round said...

Wow. Were you on a roof?

Julie said...

Such a disconcerting perspective here, Z. You have made it appear to be a landscape garden with the eaves the end-wall. But I gather, in reality, you are standing alongside the house looking directly up.

Good shot ...

GMG said...

Hi Z! Sorry for the long delay in coming here, but the last two weeks were too hectic!
Loved your Colours of Fall series! Meanwhile Blogtrotter is back to Greece in November 2007! Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Moi said...

so cool!!!! though i don't see my crab :(((

what is yours??? :)

Sherry said...

Wonderful shot! I love it.

Z said...

Claude: I don't check mine either!

RR: On the street, looking straight up. The post after this one might help with the perspective.

Julie: You got it. Hadn't thought of the landscape garden until you mentioned it. The windows here do obscure the identification somewhat.

GMG: Thank you! I'll try to be by soon.

Moi: I think the lobster-like thing on the right half is supposed to represent the crab. Mine is the other nasty insect-like creature on the left.

Sherry: Glad you like it!

Moi said...

oh then you must have either celebrated your b'day recently or will be doing so soon!!!!!!

My husband and brother share your sign :)