Colors of the fall IV

These bear a striking resemblance to the blueberries I know from the US, but what are they? The serrated leaves belong to the plant.

20081107 Nikon Coolpix 950


Anonymous said...

I don't know their real name but they would pass as blue berries to me.

Kate said...

Don't know if they're okay to eat, but they sure look good to me. Beautiful shade of blue.

Gwyn said...

Greetings from Juneau (Alaska) Daily Photo!
Hi Z,
They look like an Oregon Grape (Mahonia aquifolium).
Your fall color series is spectacular. Great work!:)

Snapper said...

They look exactly like blueberries to me. Beautiful photo!

wellingtonia said...

He puzzling round

If the leaves are the leaves to the berries - these aren't blue berries !!
Blue berries have a "fly" on its end.
These berries haven't!
It's Mahonia:

Local Insider said...

I'd say they're "blackthorn" or "Schlehe" in german (Schwarzdorn, Prunus Spinosa).

The leaves and flowers are slightly poisonous, but the berries can be used for chutney and marmalade.


Anonymous said...

In French they are "prunelles"
that are the fruits of the"prunellier".
They have a bitter,acrid taste.
They are used to do the"eau-de_vie","liqueur de prunelle"

wellingtonia said...

Hi insider

The prunus spinosa has no needles on the leaves.
Prunelles are plums !!
The mahonia is a plant which grows along the ground.
Gardeners plant it against weed.


Z said...

I agree with Gywn of Alaska, and with Wellingtonia. The mahonia is native to parts of Asia - from where it probably came to Europe, though that's just speculation on my part - and parts of the Americas.

Anonymous: The berries may look large in the photo, but in reality they're less than 1 cm in diameter! I've written about plum-type fruits before on this blog. You can read them via this link:

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Wellingtonia and Z:
I just was wrong.
Z, I remember your post about the plum-types fruits. I thougth that
was the same. Sorry.
(by the way, "prunelles"are little in diameter too)

wellingtonia said...

Hi anonymous

In deed.
As you sad.


Moi said...

what ever they are i totally love that dusty blue shade......