Mountains from Habsburg

The view from the Habsburg hill can be splendid if the weather conditions cooperate. These are probably the Graubünden mountains (looking towards the south-east). Click on the photo for a 1920 pixel by 2560 pixel image.

Update: A reader writes that the mountains are the Glarner ones. Thanks, Andreas!



Hope said...

Stunning! I've always dreamt of visiting Switzerland...thanks for giving me the opportunity to "visit" through your wonderful blog!

jph said...

I happy you got lucky with a clear day for your shot. Great contrast of the green fields to the snow covered mountains.

Once again air quality in San Diego is bad, I could hardly see our local peaks as I drove in this morning from all smoke from the various fires burning in SoCal.

Andreas said...

Great Pic! I'm quite convinced this is mainly the Glärnisch mountain (Glarnese Alps, 2915m) which has a number of peaks namely Vrenelisgärtli (2904m) and Bächistock (2914m).

D.C. Confidential said...


Chris said...

Nice! I continue to envy your scenery.

claude said...

Sehr schön, Z ! Wunderbar !

Z said...

Thank you all for your time!

Andreas: Thanks for the info. I'm sure you're right.

wellingtonia said...


When you ever drive to Glarus go on the right side up to the "Klöntal"!!
On the beginning of the vally there is an reservoir.
When you drive over the dam you will come to a nice beach. The beach is locatet behind the campground. On the photo on the right side is the "Vrenelisgärtli". At sunny day you lie on a beach and in the back 1000 meters higher - snow in the mountains !!
It's great.
On your way back to home - take the road over the "Pragelpass".
At tripp to a wonderland.
But be careful the width of the road is made for one car.


Moi said...

as beautiful as they come......