The right tool: die Haspel

Surely, it would warm the cockles of Martha Stewart's (in case you don't know who I'm referring to, click here) heart to see how nicely the tools are organized over by the Schwarz greenhouse (last seen here). Notice the stencilled label AND the helpful photo next to it, which is a little difficult to make out in this image.

At to what this object does, I'm at a bit of a loss. My guess would be that it smoothes the soil and removes pebbles and clumps in preparation for the planting of seeds. A postcard to the one to provide a good (as judged by me, hey it's my party!) answer.



Local Insider said...

Easy, Tset: it's a rotating brush which they use to clean the sideroads along their fields after ploughing and sowing. The tractors leave dirt on the cycling roads and they're supposed to clean up (being an avid racing bike rider with small tyres, I'd hope they did it a bit more often ...).

And the "Haspel" is a bobbin / decoiler / capstan for either a hose or a rope.

Postcard? Yes, please - don't post it, bring it over ;-)

Julie said...

As soon as I saw this on the portal I thought "Bob the builder". I love toolsheds.

In addition to the organised rack, here we have the pile of tyres and the dribbles of rust. Lovely ...

As for the machine: to me it looks like a banksia that has shed its flower petals.

I do like the image ...

lavenderlady said...

well, Local Insider has a perfectly reasonable explanation for the machine...as a farm girl I should know, but I don't think we had these when I lived in Oklahoma.

Z said...

Insider: I'll be in touch.

I saw the definition of Haspel on leo, but didn't quite understand how it applies to this tool.

Julie: The tires must be to provide a bumper for the vehicles so they don't bang into the pillars.

I like your comparison with the banksia!

Lavender: I would guess that you didn't have a lot of cyclists and pedestrians going through and beside your Oklahoma fields?

Chuckeroon said...

Darn it...I missed this one!