Little lamb

I loitered for a while to see whether I could photograph it with its head up but it was busy eating, eating, eating. I don't know why its coat looks as scruffy as it does. Anyone?



Julie said...

It looks as though large patches of wool are coming away in clumps. I thought that might happen coming into the warmer months but that is not the case with your sheep. I wonder what the yellow tag in the ear denotes.

Z said...

I'm guessing the tag identifies such things as the owner, date of birth, etc. I couldn't quickly find a link to a Swiss source (problems with language), but perhaps they're not unlike the ones from the Australian National Livestock Identification System? Link here.

Kate said...

Ddo lambs molt?! I think it's a great photo, scruffy or not!

Halcyon said...

Awwww... I just love the little sheepie! He's cute. I'm sure his wool will grow back. He's probably just in a transition phase.

claude said...

When I was my ew husband we bred a few sheeps for cutting the grass of our small field.
I have never see that with them even for the young lumbs. When the wool was to long web sheared them.
May be it depends on the breed.