Car sharing

Car sharing is useful for people who need a car only once in a while to get somewhere that has limited or inconvenient access through public transportation. Brugg is our main major pick-up and drop-off point. Villigen is too small to have a Mobility station, but the PSI (a national research facility, mentioned a few times before) has sufficient employees to merit one there. On this day, there were three cars available, this one a gas-electric Toyota Prius hydrid. Members of the service (page in English even, although the third and fourth languages listed on the decal, namely Italian and Rumantsch are not represented) can pre-arrange a car either by phone or internet.

Do you live in a place with a similar system? Do you use it?



Pat said...

I think they have car sharing around the Toronto area but not in my city.


Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

claude said...

In Paris and some other big cities thre is this system but only with bycicles. People do car sharing themselves when trains, subways and buses are on strike. They help each other.

Jilly said...

yes, there is car-sharing for people who work in Monaco - from Nice, from Menton. it's a good idea.