Someone please tell me what bird this is

Updated: It's a (European) magpie (thanks Gwyn!)



Gwyn said...

I believe it's a magpie.

Kim said...

Not just any magpie, either, but a MAGNIFICENT Villigen Magpie. What a gorgeous bird. Glad you captured this lovely image. About how large did it look to you? (ie. crow size, sparrow size, hawk size?) Thanks,
Seattle Daily Photo

claude said...

Nice shot, Z ! I can see a lot of magpies over here. In trees or on grass.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful bird who looks well fed.

Z said...

Thank you all for the feedback.

Kim: about crow sized. I used the end of my 12x zoom for this shot.

The D in D & T said...

wow, i would have guessed magpie, he looks very similar to the australian ones.