Gedeckte Holzbrücke

A covered wooden bridge over the river Limmat in Baden, built in 1810. There were at least five forerunners to this version, before which there was a ferry. To me, there's something Far Eastern about the design, particularly the windows and their shutters. Another thing to note are the little balcony or window "gardens" on the green building. Especially the middle window on the second row from the top.

The Baden Historical Museum that I've mentioned in a couple of posts is to the right of the bridge. Here's a link to a Google map showing the bridge and surroundings. I was on the right bank looking over to the left when I took this photo. Keep in mind that there's quite a change in elevation over the region around the river and some features I would have expected to be able to see are hidden.



Janet said...

That is an unusual looking bridge. The green building is nice; I am a fan of window boxes, balconies, etc.

Steve Cuddihy said...

A covered bridge, very neat and a great angle on this photo.

Dustin said...

Hi Z,

Its Dustin from Flagstaff Daily Photo. Thanks for the comment on my site and also the flower ID. Yep, thats exactly it, the Filaree. I went to the site and the photos there look exactly like the flower I saw. Thanks for the help, Z.

Flagstaff Daily Photo

Chuckeroon said...

I rather warm to this little shot...as you say, the is something about the bridge..at least from this angle.