2018 week 40: A beautiful morning in Villigen

I lost track of time and missed four weeks of posts. The weather is changing now and we've had some lovely mornings.


2018 week 36: Fantoche

This year I finally made it to a couple of screenings during Fantoche! Both were a collections of shorts, one was a session of the international competition and the other a session of the Swiss competition. There were some gems in there, e.g. Enough by Anna Mantzaris.


2018 week 35:

After many hot, dry weeks, Fall has made an appearance. Cooler temperatures, and stormy weather. 


2018 week 34: A view from the hill

I had a few days off, so among many other things, I walked up the Villigen hill after a long, long time. Here's one of the photos I took.


2018 week 31: Flumserberg

The first of August is the Swiss national day. I didn't take any photos this year, and because of the general drought conditions, I didn't find myself in a celebratory mood anyway. 

We did go for a hike in Flumserberg this week and this is one of the photos I took there. The backdrop is the Churfirsten.


2018 week 30: Resting sheep, peek-a-boo

These guys graze all day and night and I caught them as they were taking a little break.

We are experiencing a prolonged dry spell this summer -- the infrequent rain has been too short in duration and too little in quantity. I just read that many farmer are sending their cows to slaughter early because there's not enough grass to graze on.


2018 week 29: Grazing cows

A very faded Swiss flag, and some cows on the pasture. If I'm not mistaken, these are the Wagyu cows that Chlopfi's farm raises.